Mary G. Porter Traditional School Counseling Dept. will support students as they become life-long learners and responsible decision makers. They will be eager and equipped to utilize information resources and empowered with critical thinking skills to become effective problem solvers. Porter students will become active and valued citizens in their communities.



The mission of the Mary G. Porter Traditional School Counseling Dept. is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program which develops the academic, career and social/emotional needs of all students. The counselor will work closely with students, educators, parents, and other community stakeholders to further enhance the counseling program at Porter Traditional School.



We believe that the School Counseling Program is an integral part of the overall education system, and therefore all students should have the right to be served by the school counseling program. All students should have access to a full-time, state certified master’s-degree-level counselor.  The counselor abides by the professional ethics of guidance and counseling as advocated by the American School Counselor Association. To verify the effectiveness of the school counseling program, counselors utilize data to assist with program development and evaluation.


Our counselors are devoted to the school counseling program’s implementation. The counselors works in cooperation with other professional educators, parents/guardians, and the community to ensure success for our students.  We are committed to making a difference and to providing opportunities for all students to become lifelong learners.


We believe in the worth and uniqueness of our students and are dedicated to advocating for students in the educational setting.  Our counseling philosophy is proactive and preventative in nature and is committed to meeting the needs of all of our students by using age appropriate programs and lessons that support the academic process.