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Aileen McDermott            and                       Peggy Geyer                                       
Click on the following link for updates for distance learning resources for PWCS.

                        PWCS HOME LEARNING PAGE 

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3/27/2020 Gifted Webpage Update

Hello everyone! We have made some changes to make our webpage more user friendly. This "homepage will contain updates that apply to Porter and general gifted updates. If you look to the left you will see specific info for Mrs. Geyer's friends and Miss McDermott's friends. These will contain specific activities and suggestions for our START and SIGNET friends!

3/25/2020 Gifted Identification Update

With the closure of Prince William County Schools due to COVID-19, the timeline for gifted identification has been affected. The division-level Gifted Identification/Placement Committees will meet to review cases and make decisions regarding eligibility as soon as possible when PWCS reopens. We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the gifted resource teacher at your child's school.

1/28 Gifted Brochure 
Interested in learning more about applying for the Gifted program and the services offered? Take a look at the updated Gifted PWCS brochure below!
        2020 Gifted Brochure 508.pdf

1/22 Opportunity for Gifted Students this summer! Click on the flyer below to learn more!

          2020 Summer Student Flyer (8).pdf

12/4 Middle School IDP Schedule

The SIGNET Identification Process
If your child has not been identified for SIGNET, and you would like to have your child start the identification process, please contact 
Ms. McDermott at 

2019-20 Porter SIGNET Identification Calendar

Nomination   Test Date      Local Level  Division Level
Deadline     Date       Meeting    Meeting
8-29-2019 9-5-2019 9-18-2019 9-26-2019 10-23-2019 11-7-2019 11-21-2019 12-5-2019
2-19-2020 3-5-2020 3-19-2020 3-21-2020   4-22-2020 *5-7-2020 5-21-2020 6-4-2020


  Middle School students interested in Innovation challenge, check out the link below!
                              Ignite My Future

                              Our Page

We hope you find our page user-friendly!

On the right hand side of our page are links to our centers for 4th and 5th grade.  Students will be making a decision in September as to which center they'd like to work in first.  They will have structured SIGNET time to work on centers.  They will also get to take center work back to class so that they can use them as "Anchor Activities" anytime they have free time in class!

On the left hand side of the page are links to other pages that require more space than a simple announcement!  Click on the links if any of those topics are of interest to you!!

As always, please see us with any questions or concerns!  We are looking forward to a productive and fun-filled 2019-2020 school year!!

Start News: We've been working hard on Thinking maps and making connections to Matter, Scientific tools and citizenship.
Signet News: The Scientific Method using a Flow Map and Creating Virginia regions and rivers maps. 

Poster of the Habits of Mind 1.	Logo of a flag planted on a mountaintop representing Persisting: Stick to it! Persevering in task through to completion; remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up. 2.	Logo of a Traffic light representing Managing impulsivity: Take your time! Thinking before acting; remaining calm, thoughtful, and deliberative  3.	Logo of an Ear to represent Listening with understanding and empathy: Understand others! Devoting mental energy to another personâs thoughts and ideas; Make an effort to perceive anotherâs point of view and emotions. 4.	Logo with a head with various math and art symbols in mind to represent Thinking Flexibly: Look at it another way! Being able to change perspectives, generate alternatives, consider options. 5.	Logo of a personâs head, holding their chin in their hand to represent Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition): Knowing how you know! Being aware of your thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions, and their effects on others. 6.	Logo of a Bulls-eye type target with an arrow stuck in the middle to represent Striving for accuracy: Check it again! Always doing your best. Setting high standards. Checking and finding ways to improve constantly. 7.	Logo of a large highlighted question mark to represent Questioning and Problem Posing: How do you know? Having a questioning attitude; knowing what data are needed & developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve. 8.	Logo of a bridge to pplying past knowledge to new situations: Use what you learn! Accessing prior knowledge; transferring knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned. 9.	Logo of a head with a sunburst in the head and another sunburst at the mouth to represent Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision: Strive for accurate communication in both writing and oral form; avoiding over-generalizations, distortions, deletions and exaggerations.  10.	Logo of a head with a hand holding a flower to the nose to represent Gather data through all senses: Use your natural pathways Pay attention to the world around you. Gather data through all the senses, taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. 11.	Logo of a lightbulb with bright rays emanating from it to represent Creating, imagining and innovating: Try a different way! Generating new and novel ideas, fluency, originality. 12.	Log of Fireworks to represent Responding with wonderment and awe: Have fun figuring it out! Finding the world awesome, mysterious, and being intrigued with phenomena and beauty. 13.	Log of two hands reaching for several stars above them to represent Taking responsible risks: Venture out! Being adventuresome; living on the edge of oneâs competence. Try new things constantly. 14.	Logo of the Drama laughing mask to represent Finding humor: Laugh a little! Finding the whimsical; incongruous, and unexpected. Being able to laugh at oneâs self. 15.	Logo of three different faces in profile to represent Thinking Interdependently: Work together! Being able to work in and learn from others in reciprocal situations. Team work.  16.	Logo of an open book with a sun beaming forth from it to represent Remaining open to continuous learning: Learn from experiences! Having humility and pride when admitting we donât know; resisting complacency.
Blendspace Centers
Hello students!! Here are the links to several of our centers that are now available on BLENDSPACE! You can now access everything needed for centers from ANYWHERE that you can access our webpage! ENJOY! :)  The first three centers are open to our 4th graders.  Once they've completed a center, they may choose from anything.  5th graders can choose from any of the options below.  Once you've decided what you'd like to pursue, see Mrs. Geyer or Miss McDermott for a contract.  Remember, you MUST conference with Mrs. Geyer or Miss McDermott between activity slides so that they can chart your progress.

Drama and Playwriting
Have you ever wanted to write your own play? In this Language Arts based center, you'll learn all about William Shakespeare, the craft of playwriting, and then use this information to become the next great playwrite! :)

In this Math based center you will learn all about ANGLES and the mathematics behind the art of paper folding! 

The Unexplained
Does Big Foot exist?  What about the Loch Ness Monster?  In this unit, focusing on CRYPTOZOOLOGY, the study of unexplained creatures, you will learn about the legends of several creatures, scientific evidence, and perhaps the connection to prehistoric animals.  They will conduct research with the goal in mind of creating an exhibit for a new museum set to open!

Math in Sports
Learn about the important role that math plays in the world of sports. If you enjoy collecting data and stats on players and teams, and calculating batting averages and touchdown percentages, then this center is for you!

Are you a budding photographer or simply an artist who'd like to learn anew craft? This center has been REVAMPED!  See Miss McDermott if you're interested and she will email you the link to your very own CLASS NOTEBOOK (through Office 365!) where you can work through learning photography skills at your own pace!

Have you ever laid in the grass on a lazy day, looking up at an airplane flying in the sky and wonder HOW on earth something so big (not to mention HEAVY!) can fly?  This STEM based center allows you to explore the basics of flight including Newton's Third Law of Motion and Bernouli's Principle.

If you are interested in piloting this center (written by one of our own SIGNET students), see Miss McDermott! :)