student council


Staff Advisor:   Ms. Laura Carmack, [email protected]

Student Council (SCA) is the student governing body at our school. Each member of the Student Council is elected by their peer students. Student Council members participate in leadership, decision-making, event planning, school spirit activities, and service as representatives for their classmates. 





Student council officers and members are elected to the following positions.  Students who select to run must have a parent permission, teacher recommendations, excellent attendance, and no discipline referrals (one year prior to running for office):

PRESIDENT - 8th grader.  Leads all SCA meetings and leads Middle School Town Hall meetings.

VICE-PRESIDENT - 7th grader.  Acts as lead in the absence of the President.

SECRETARY - 6th grader.  Records meeting minutes and submits minutes to School Secretary for website.

PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIR - 6/7/8th grader.  Coordinates communication and publicity for activities and events.

HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVE - Each homeroom will select a representative.  Acts as liaison between homeroom and the council; serves on SCA committees.