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Mr. Urista

INSTRUCTOR:  Mr. Juan Uritsa, [email protected]





MEETING 4/7/2022

Well the time has come to wrap up this 1st session of the Porter Aviation Club for 4th & 5th  grade. We had a lot to pack in into our 4 weeks together, but everyone came away with some new information when it comes to aviation. This week we capped it off with a look at aviation weather topics and how it affects flight and decision making. And of course everyone’s favorite is time on the flight computers and some shared airspace in a multi-player environment,

Overall, it was a great learning experience. Next time you take a family trip , ask your student what the blue lights on the taxiway are all about, or see if they can identify some of the signs as they watch the world pas by through the coveted window seat.

It’s been my pleasure to take them on these first steps that many past and present aviators take. Who knows, you may have a future airline captain or Mars explorer sitting next to you at dinner.

I wish everyone much success in their future endeavors.


MEETING 3/31/2022

I can’t believe Aviation Club only has 1 more week to go before spring break. It’s been a fun couple of weeks so far.

This week we studied navigation a little more in detail. It’s a pretty important part of the process. So we looked at how the GPS systems work, and how the fancier airplanes have all kinds of neat electronics to help pilots find their way through the skies.

Then it was plenty of time on the flight sim computers, because after all, practice makes everyone better.
We’ll be seeing everyone on Tuesday so until then, the captain has turned off the fasten seat belt signs and your free to move about the world!

MEETING 3/24/2022

We’ve wrapped up a second week of aviation club and it was every bit as good as the first!

This time around we focused on some navigation principles and a technique known as pilotage, where the pilot uses terrain features and key landmarks to find their way around. We learned that those could be man-made or naturally occurring, such as well-known buildings or rivers and lakes.

When everyone jumped onboard their virtual aircraft and took off from different airports to find some very famous landmarks in the flight sim world. Pyramids, bridges, statues & monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge were on everyone’s itinerary.

We’ll continue our study of flight and places when we return, so I hope everyone has their passports ready to go!



Cockpit picture

      Aviation stick work







More stick work


LAST MEETING 3/17/2022

Welcome back everyone! We’ve jumped right into what this club is all about – learning some fundamentals of airplanes and flight.

On Tuesday we kicked things off with an overview of airplane parts and how planes of all types share a common set of features and nomenclature. And it’s more fun when we get to see some of that in action via the flight simulation computers.

On Thursday, we made a bit more sense out of all the information displayed on the instrument panels by learning about how the ”six-pack” gets it’s information and how the pilot interprets and applies that information. We learned some new vocabulary like Attitude Indicator, Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Turn Coordinator, and Heading Indicator. Then it was back to practical application on the computers to apply what was learned.

As we progress we’ll learn about navigation and weather and a few other topics that are part of the journey of learning to fly!
See everyone next week!