June 8
 Can you believe we have made it to the last week of school? There are no new assignments this week but all previous choice boards and  activities are available below. Please make sure that you check your e-mail for a letter from Porter regarding pick up of personal items. Don't forget you still have the opportunity to improve your previous quarter grades by completing the MyOn project and math lesson. 

June 1 
We have made it to June! The end of the school year is in sight. This week, there are not many changes to the schedule. Rather than adding more, I would like to see students wrap up previous review assignments. The areas of primary focus are the MyOn project which entails several reading passages and short audio books, along with 2 brainstorming and one paragraph writing opportunity. We will review the project details again on Zoom this week. For Math, please make sure you do some practice on Moby Max and the arrays lesson. Don't forget there are lots of printable resources, games, and activities in the files and documents section. I highly recommend checking those out and using them for continued practice throughout the summer.  Have a great week, we've almost made it! 

Jun 1- 5 Schedule

May 26 

   Good morning class! I cannot believe that we are just a little of 2 weeks short of the end of the school year! You have learned, grown, and persevered through so much and I am so proud of you all! As we wrap things up our schedule focuses on completing the multi-content area MyOn project and practicing our math skills to maintain what we have already learned. Make sure to check out the Porter main page or e-mail you received regarding drop off and pick up of school and personal items this week. Please let me know if you have any questions. 
May 26-29 Schedule

May 18 
  Can you believe we are more than half-way through May?!?! The school year is winding down, but we still have lots of fun learning activities for you to stay busy and keep those brains growing. The schedule for this week is below. I really want you to focus on the new MyOn choice project. It will take 2-3 weeks to work through, but includes lots of fun and exciting reading & writing activities. In math, please be sure to check out the lesson on arrays and repeated addition. Make sure you are visiting the links to your other teachers' pages just to the right of this box. 
May 18-22 Schedule.pdf
May 11
   Happy Monday class! Below please click the link for this week's schedule. We are continuing our ongoing review of several skills. This week I would like you to especially spend some time checking out the math lesson on multiplication Arrays & Repeated Addition. It is interactive with videos and practice along the way. In your writing, be sure to pay close attention to using complete sentences, whether you are answering questions or writing a journal entry. Be sure to check your other teacher's pages of information on those classes' activities. This week I will also be posting 2 options for MyOn reading projects based on the topics you requested, choose one and get reading :). Have a great week! 

May 11-15 Schedule

May 4
 Can you believe it is May already? The time is flying. We have around 6 weeks of school left and it his been great to see the work you have been doing at home. I miss seeing your faces everyday! Keep up the good work with those skills you worked so hard to learn so far this year. Below is this week's schedule with links and choice board. Remember this is optional and there are lots of "extra" or alternate activities in the task card folder or on SeeSaw and Moby Max. All of them are great fro practice. 

May 4-8 Schedule
April 27 
Happy Monday! Friday marked the official end of the 3rd Quarter. Report cards will be calculated based on work prior to March 13 and any retakes your student has completed since then. All previous announcements from quarter 3 and beyond can be found in the files and documents section. Progress Reports and Report Card information will be e-mailed via PDF next week. As we start our final quarter of the school year, we will continue with our optional schedule and choice board (Find this week's below). In addition to our ongoing review topics, this week we will be adding multiplication arrays and non-fiction text features. There are lots of ways to practice these skills in our everyday living activities like cooking, doing chores, or play. 

April 27 - May 1 Schedule
Class Room News
Good Morning Porter Fam! I know news is changing rapidly and I encourage you to frequently check the PWCS and Porter sites for up to date information. To the best of my knowledge, we are not to "assign" any work during this first week. However, speaking as both a teacher and a mother of a child with a disability, I realize how vital a routine and familiarity is needed for our students. If I could recommend one thing (besides reading) you have your students visit this week it would be Moby Max via our Clever class page log-in. It is specifically designed as an adaptive program for students with deficit areas and covers every academic subject and sub category. And, best of all it is set up like a game and allows me to see their progress and suggest what areas to practice. As they click on subjects they will be prompted to do a "placement test", then all material will be presented at their level. It does not require that I assign them any tasks, it is all learner driven. All of the other resources provided are also accessible. Spend some time this week getting familiar with them and making sure they work at home. Again, nothing is being assigned, these are just suggestions. 

Some other familiar tasks they could partake in: 
- We watch CNN 10 every morning. If your child asks to watch Carl - that is what they mean. 

- GoNoodle or Youtube breathing & yoga exercises for focus and emotional regulation (I will add some links later).

- Zones of Regulation Check-In - Students share what zone they are in , how they are feeling, and most importantly why they are feeling that way and what tool they will try to help them get back to the Green Zone (more details to follow soon on this). 

We have snack time each afternoon at 1:45pm. Please pack a small snack for your student if they tend to get hungry in the afternoon.

Daily reading is an important part of your student's routine at home and school, help them to keep track of their reading and remember to bring their independent reading book to school. 

Our Encore Schedule
6th Graders have Encore from
1:00 pm-1:45

Each student has their own individual encore schedule in their Porter Agenda.