Students in Life Learners work on strengthening academic skills and building skills to make them successful in the real world. Students in grades 1-5 are in Life Learners 1 with Mrs. Hill and students in grades 6-8 are in Life Learners 2 with Ms. Vlassich.



Special Education  Department Mission and Vision:

Mission Statement:

The Porter Traditional School Special Education Department believes all students can succeed. We believe all students can demonstrate their learning via a hands-on inclusive approach, integrating learning and technology and with the collaboration of parents, families, and a safe, inclusive, supportive, and nurturing learning environment. 

Porter special education students will be held to high standards. They will be provided individualized support in order to successfully meet those standards. Students will participate in multi-modal learning experiences in both classroom and community settings, where they can thrive through their learning and be successful. 

Porter Special Education teachers will empower our students and provide them multiple opportunities to learn, grow, actively engage, and succeed in their classroom lessons. Teachers will strive to meet each child's needs through individualized instruction; as we know, one way of teaching does not work for all.



Vision Statement: 

The Porter Traditional School Special Education Department at will support and engage students as they become lifelong learners and responsible problem solvers. They will be equipped to utilize resources and empowered with skills to be successful problem solvers. Our Porter special education students will be prepared to become successful, valued, and respected citizens in their 21st century communities.