Code orange symbolWHY implement CODE ORANGE: 

Taken from Dr. McDade’s statement…”It is abundantly clear the pandemic has impacted student learning significantly, and we must maximize the time available to provide instruction for our students, along with providing the critical services our students receive at school. As such, we want to minimize any closures due to weather and their impact on teaching and learning…”



• Will be used when weather conditions are marginal and impact road or sidewalk safety conditions but are not so severe as to cause substantial impacts.  

• On such days, buildings will not open.

• However, employees will work remotely, students will work asynchronously (not live), and teachers will provide posted office hours for students to check-in as needed. 


School buildings and office buildings are closed. 
Buses will not operate. 
In-person and live virtual classes will not occur.    
Students should use the day to work asynchronously on assignments related to curriculum previously taught.  
Teachers will hold live office hours via Zoom. See below.        
The School Age Child Care (SACC) program will not open.  
All in-person school activities (day and evening) are canceled including field trips, club meetings, and tutoring.

STAFF AND TEACHER OFFICE HOURS have been arranged to best support our students and provide the resources they may need to be successful during their asynchronous learning day. 

Code Orange office hours logo

The SCHOOL OFFICE HOURS will be 8:00am - 4:30pm.

You can call the school phone number and you will be transferred to either Ms. Pat or Ms. Michele.  If the number is busy, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 


To view the staff/teacher office hours and get their Zoom links, use the link below:

PORTER TEACHER OFFICE HOURS & ZOOM LINKS  **updated at 8:15am 1/20/22

***UPDATED LINK for Ms. Festa (10-11 office hours) 



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