Porter clubs  are organized and run by both Porter staff and Porter parents.  Each year, the clubs are different, depending on the staff's interests and the parents' involvement.  We have had clubs for all manner of hobbies, likes, and such:  baseball, golf, volleyball, dance, scrapbooking, kindness/friendship, military connections, music, etc...

Parents...if you are interested in organizing and running a Porter club, here are a few things for you to consider: 

What grade level(s) you want the club for?
What is the purpose of the club?
What days of the week do you want the club to meet? 
How long (number of weeks/months) do you want the club to meet?
Will supplies be needed? 
Do you want to have parent volunteers assist you? 

If you are interested in organizing and running a club, please think about all of these things and write up a 'proposal' (an idea of how you see the club working) and set up an appointment to meet with Mrs. Engelmeier-Foor to discuss your ideas and get the ball rolling!!  Call Ms. Pat or Ms. Michele in the front office to set up an appointment. 

Cohesion-Adhesion club logo


  Grades 4-8

  Mondays, 3:45-4:45 Room 123

  Dr. Dhodi, Team Sponsor