• Upcoming Test Dates: (Updated 3/10/19)
  • March 17th: Language Arts
  • March 20th: Geography
  • March 23rd: Habitats
  • March 24th: Math Unit 7
2nd Grade Retake Policy

Students who receive an S- or N (below 79%) on any TEST objective will receive remediation and will retest on the missed objectives. 

 retake grade will replace the original grade in the grade book. 

Students who receive an 80% or above will have the option to 
retake any test. 

In this circumstance, the higher grade will be recorded in the grade book. 

 retakes can consist of IA questions, quizzes, and observational quick checks.
REMINDER: Retakes are only available for TESTS. If a student receives a low score on a progress check or quiz, I will be working with them to make sure that they master the objective by the end of the unit test. Quizzes and progress checks are NOT eligible for a retake.