Parent Volunteer Form

Water Bottle Donations

Parents: If you signed up to donate water, please bring in a case of water for the month you volunteered for! 

Parents are required to earn 10 volunteer hours on behalf of each student enrolled at Porter. Parents may contact their student’s teacher and/or the office for volunteer opportunities. Please remember to record your hours online via Porter’s Web Page. 

Student Volunteer Hours

Students are required to earn 10 volunteer hours, which must be completed in order to participate in special end-of-the-year festivities. Your student will earn 3 hours through their classroom job and will need to complete the remaining 7 hours at school or at home. Student volunteer hours must be recorded in their agenda on page 7. Encourage your child to give service to something they are interested in and excited about. 

Here are a few ideas from past students: 

Pick up trash at a park or in your neighborhood
Serve dinner to people in need 
Make cards for a community help, nursing home, etc.
Donate clothes/toys to charity 
Hold a lemonade stand and donate the money to a charity
Help at fundraiser or other event