Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month
October 2020

Our Goal: To raise awareness and stop bullying, to understand the impact of bullying, and to promote kindness, inclusion, and acceptance within our school community. 

-Tuesday, October 6th: Blue up day! Wear blue to promote a bully free zone and stand up to end bullying!

-Wednesday, October 21st: Orange Unity day! Wear orange to show support for students who have been bullied. 


What is bullying?

  • Hurting someone’s feelings or body, on purpose, over and over again, same people are involved.

What will we be doing as a school?

  • Bullying/ Kindness classroom counseling lessons: Students will understand what bullying is and how to be an upstander to bullying
  • Kindness rock garden outside of our school
  • Kindness challenges
  • No Place for Hate!
  • Teaching students how to use an I-message and how to report bullying

Resources and Tips for Parents:

  • Practice using an I-message
    I feel angry when you push me down, please stop.
  • Talk to your child about what bullying is and how to report it
  • Talk to your child about what it means to be an upstander 


  • Listen to what your child shares with you about school and social events


  Report Bullying!

As always, tell a trusted adult if you're unsure of a situation or ask to see  Ms. Carmack or Ms. Kargbo to report any form of bullying or peer conflict.

 Together we can make Porter a Bully Free Zone!