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                  April is Military Child Month!


                                     We support you today and everyday! 

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Ms. Kargbo:
    4th grade s
tudents will have the option to determine which of the review lessons to take part in. However, new lessons will be uploaded by me weekly. You will be able to click on the title of activities when available.  Below are Mindfulness Activities for you guys to try. 

                                          Stay tuned…Stay Safe...Stay Kind 

Suggested Schedule of Lesson Topics

·      Week of April 13 – Coping Skills/Resilience

o   "My Strong Mind" by Niels Van Hove, a story about developing mental strength. 

§  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ671iGO80U

o   My Cope-Cake

·      Week of April 20 – Coping Skills/Resilience

o   Feelings Tracker Worksheet – Counselor Keri

o   Grounding Techniques Cards

·      Week of April 27 – Internet Safety

o   Safety Tips for Students/Parents

Safety Tips for  Students

·       Never share personal information like your address, passwords, phone number.
Keep social media accounts private.
Only add people you know.
Never publish anything you wouldn't want family or future employers to see.
Tell a parent if something online makes you feel sad, scared or uncomfortable.
Balance screen time with green time.
Be polite online and use proper netiquette.

Parents create an open dialogue with your students about internet safety. Here are some questions to guide your conversations:

  • What’s your favorite site to visit?
  • What do you enjoy doing online?
  • How do you stay safe online?
  • Have you ever met a new friend online?
  • Is there anything you see on the internet that makes you feel bad?

o   Internet Safety Video – BrainPOP Jr. 

§  https://youtu.be/pzD8cG5BhKM

·      Week of May 4 – Time Management 

o   What is Time Management?

Time Management  is the thinking skill that helps you to:

    • Make a good guess at how long it will take to do something.
    •  Complete tasks on time.
    •  Not waste your time.

For example, you use your Time Management skills when you get your homework done quickly so that you have a lot of time to go outside and play.

Here are some simple ideas that you can use to manage your time more efficiently:

    • Stop, think, and figure out what’s the most important thing to do and do it first.
    • Before you start your homework, try to figure out how long each assignment will take.
    • Use your cell phone, alarm clock, or watch to give you regular reminders every 10 or 15 minutes when you’re working on a task or chore.

o   Tips to Improve Time Management! Activity 

o   Time Management Activity

·      Week of May 11 – Safe at Home, Safe Alone

o Here is the handbook to review what we have learned.

o   Safe at Home Student Handbook 

·      Week of May 18 – Conflict Resolution 

o   Conflict Resolution Process 

o   The Peace Process for Conflict Resolution 

·      Week of May 25 – Conflict Resolution (continued)

o   I-FEEL Practice Activity

·      Week of June 1 – Coping Skills/Resilience Review 

o   Daily Mindfulness Bingo

·      Week of June 8 – Transition (coming soon)

o   To The Next Grade! Activity 

§  Do you have some Burning Questions? Write some thick, burning questions that you have about next year’s curriculum, classroom, homework, behavior....anything! We will discuss it on our next class Zoom. 

o   Schools Out! Activity 

o   IXL Recommendation (continue to grow)

§  IXL offers personalized skill recommendations based on what each student has been practicing, so they can grow from where they are. Select your grade level to explore math and language arts topics, and click on any skill you'd like to try!

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 Mindfulness Activities 

Mind Yeti

If you're looking for some fun videos to help kids and adults calm their minds and focus their attention then these Mind Yeti videos are for you!

  • Calming Apps
    • Calm 
    • Headspace

Books about Friends, Feelings and Overcoming Worries (Read Aloud)

Be Kind, by Pat Zietlow   (click here) 

The Feelings Book, by Todd Parr  (click here) 
Ruby Finds A Worry, by Tom Percival  (click here)
Grumpy Monkey, by Suzanne Lang  (click here)
Stick and Stone, by Beth Ferry   (click here) 

Fun GAMES and Activities 

South Park Escape Room Hits Chicago May 15, More Cities Soon /Film

4th Graders are you looking for something fun to do and keep your learning going? Try out this DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM!!