Quizlets are a great way to refresh our VOCABULARY for each unit.  There is a Quizlet for each SOL strand PLUS a separate Quizlet on Poetry (which is found within BOTH the 6.4 and the 6.5 objectives).  Quizlets are a great STARTING point for SOL Review.  We will be doing "Quizlet Live" competitions in class as time permits, so at home time is better spent applying this vocabulary through Study Island or IXL practice.

SOL 6.4 Word Work

SOL 6.5 Fiction

SOL 6.6 Non-fiction Review

Poetry Unit

Study Island

There are assignments on Study Island for just about EVERY SOL objective for 6th grade.  The intense passages are incredibly helpful in really requiring your student to READ and find textual evidence for his/her answers.  It will also build passage stamina.
Please have your student share his/her data sheet and spend time with him/her on these assignments.  Students have their login information.  Please let me know if there are any issues with that!!

IXL is another great resource.  It will help students with skill practice; however, it does not have many lengthy passages. If you click on the red IXL link above, it will take you to the very specific 2010 Virginia SOL standards practice links.  Again, please have your student share his/her data sheet as this sheet will let you know which specific objectives s/he needs practice prior to the SOL.  IXL does NOT have specific practice exercises for EVERY Language Arts objective.  Again, students should have their login information!!

SOL Pass
Once your student has spent time on IXL and Study Island, use this SOL Pass link to practice the Released 2015 SOL.  This has that test broken down by each passage.  Students can do one passage at a time and get immediate feedback as to whether or not they are correct (as well as what they should have answered if they were incorrect).  Since this is a released test, it does NOT include what objectives each test item is.